UIBFS | The Uganda Institute of Banking and Financials Services | Financial Awareness Month 2022 (Season Three)

Banking Institutions

1. Commercial Banks

This class includes commercial banks, which are authorized to hold checking, savings and time deposit accounts for individuals and institutions in local as well as international currencies. Commercial banks are also authorized to buy and sell foreign exchange, issue letters of credit and offer loans to customers.

1 ABC Capital Bank Limited www.abccapitalbank.co.ug
2  Bank of Africa (U) Limited www.boauganda.com
3 Absa Bank (U) Limited www.absa.co.ug
4 Bank of Baroda (U) Limited www.bankofbaroda.ug
5 Bank of India (U) Limited www.boiuganda.co.ug
6 Cairo  Bank Limited www.cbu.co.ug
7 Centenary Bank Limited  www.centenarybank.co.ug
8 Citibank (U) Limited www.citigroup.com
9 Opportunity Bank of Africa (U) Ltd www.opportunitybank.co.ug
10 DFCU Bank Limited www.dfcugroup.com
11 Ecobank (U) Limited www.ecobank.com
12 Equity Bank (U) Limited www.equitybank.co.ug
13 Exim Bank (U) Limited www.eximbank-ug.com
14 Finance Trust Bank www.financetrust.co.ug
15 Guaranty Trust Bank(U) Ltd www.gtbank.co.ug
16 Housing Finance Bank Limited  www.housingfinance.co.ug
17 KCB Bank (U) Limited https://ug.kcbgroup.com/
18 Mercantile Credit Bank Limited  www.mcb.co.ug
19 NCBA Bank (U) Limited www.ug.ncbagroup.com
20 Orient Bank Limited www.orient-bank.com
21 Stanbic Bank (U) Limited  www.stanbicbank.co.ug
22 Standard Chartered Bank (U) Limited https://www.sc.com/ug/
23 Tropical Bank Limited www.trobank.com
24 United Bank for Africa (U) Limited www.ubagroup.com
25 Diamond Trust Bank (U) Ltd www.dtbu.dtbafrica.com
2. Development Banks

These are financial institutions that provide risk capital for economic development projects on a non-commercial basis e.g. Uganda Development Bank, East African Development Bank

Uganda Development Bank www.udbl.co.ug
East African Development Bank www.eadb.org
3. Credit Institutions

This class includes Credit and Finance companies. They are authorized to take in customer deposits and to establish savings accounts but they do not trade in a foreign country or establish check accounts. They are also authorized to make collateralized and non-collateralized loans to customers e.g. Post bank, Brac Uganda bank, Mercantile Credit Bank etc.

Postbank Uganda  www.postbank.co.ug
Brac Uganda Bank Ltd www.brac.net
Mercantile Credit Bank Limited www.mcb.co.ug
Top Finance Bank www.topfinancebank.co.ug
4. Microfinance Deposit-Taking Institutions (MDIs)

This class includes microfinance institutions, which are allowed to take in deposits from customers in the form of savings accounts and are regulated by the Bank of Uganda. Microfinance Deposit-taking Institutions are not authorized to offer checking accounts or to trade in foreign currency.

 FINCA Uganda Ltd www.finca.ug
Pride Microfinance Limited www.pridemicrofinance.co.ug/
UGAFODE Microfinance Ltd www.ugafode.co.ug
EFC Uganda www.efcug.com
Yako Microfinance Ltd www.yako-uganda.com 
5. Microfinance Institutions (MFIs)

This class includes the rest of microfinance institutions, Saccos etc. The SACCO regulations implement the Tier 4 Microfinance Institutions and Money Lenders Act,2016 which mandates Uganda Microfinance Regulatory Authority (UMRA) to regulate, license, and supervise SACCOs, Money Lenders, and Non-Deposit Taking Microfinance Institutions.

Letshego Uganda (Kampala) www.letshego.com
Platinum Credit (Kampala) www.platinumcredit.co.ug
Premier Credit (Kampala) www.premiercredit.co.ug
Vision Fund Uganda (Kampala) www.visionfund.org
Uganda Microcredit Foundation (Kampala) www.umf.co.ug
Ecumenical Church Loan Fund (Eclof) www.eclof.org
Wazalendo Sacco www.wazalendo.co.ug