About the Month


The Uganda Institute of Banking and Financial Services (UIBFS) in partnership with the Uganda Bankers Association (UBA) has organized the second Annual Banking and Financial Services Awareness Month running from 01 – 30  November 2021.

The annual event is aimed at improving financial literacy among the population and stimulating prudent financial behavior to enable financial service users to make informed financial and general life decisions.  In addition, it is meant to connect the providers and users of Banking Products & Services i.e. Bankers, Insurers, Accountants, Regulatory Agencies with the users of those products and services.

To minimize the spread of COVID – 19 all activities are a mostly virtual, remote, or limited number of in-person physical events in compliance with existing SOPs.

Commemoration of World Savings Day and  the Virtual Run:

As part of the activities to mark  World Savings Day,  UIBFS and UBA have organized a Virtual Run ( World Savings Day Run) on Sunday, 31st October 2021, and are teaming up with the Bank of Uganda, the main organizer of World Savings Day commemoration and other stakeholders such as Capital Markets Authority, NSSF, Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRAU), URBRA, UMRA, DPF to host a successful World Savings Day.

This Virtual run is open to all bank & other financial institutions staff, family members, bank customers that may want to participate as a way of promoting fitness and savings culture. All participants shall participate in their localities, near their homes to minimize physical interactions. We shall only have a few invited Bank CEOs and other key guests meeting physically at Kampala Sheraton Hotel to commemorate World Savings Day to flag off the World Savings Day Virtual Run, hold a joint press conference, announce the Bankers sports Gala Winners / Awards, and launch the 2021 Banking & Financial Services Awareness month which shall  run from 01  – 30 November 2021

Guest of Honor and other Guests at the World Savings Day Run:

For this day, we shall have the Minister of Finance, Planning, and Economic Development as the Guest of Honor and who shall officially flag off the virtual run with the Governor, Bank of Uganda. We will also have the CEO/ MDs/ EDs of participating Institutions together for a joint press conference and brief panel discussion focusing on financial literacy and savings as a sign of collaboration in ensuring the improvement of financial capability and wellbeing of the people of Uganda.

2021 Annual Banking and Financial Services Awareness Month:

The Banking and Financial Services Month will then proceed with the following activities ;

  1. Blood Donation drives taking place at the different participating institution premises throughout the month
  2. A series of Banking and Financial  literacy and Awareness  activities are outlined below:
  3. Radio talk shows and Adverts: Run several Radio adverts and  Talk shows on 12 different Radio Stations in different languages  based on agreed topics in line with the theme and Financial literacy pillars of the different regions  (Eastern, Central, Western, West Nile, and Northern Uganda)
  4. Webinars: Hold several Webinars during the month covering the  8  financial literacy pillars i.e. Savings, Personal Financial Management, Investment, Loans, Retirement, Insurance, Taxation, and Digital Finance.  UIBFS  in partnership with the participating institutions shall Identify  key Webinar topics  and speakers for  the different Pillars to cover  specific  target audiences i.e. SMEs, Employees, Women, Youths & Students, and Family
  • Use of Dedicated Awareness Month PortalYour Money Can Portal ( yourmoneycan.or.ug). This portal shall have information on all pillars and linked to various service providers to list their products and or services.
  1. Social Media Messages and Videos carrying different Financial Literacy Campaign messages

Savings Challenge:

As a way of encouraging a Savings Culture, BOU, UIBFS, UBA, and other stakeholders shall run a Savings Challenge from  01 November 2021  – to 30 January 2022. Participants shall share savings testimonials. The financial regulators and financial service providers shall also be requested to have Customer Savings Desks in their banking halls to showcase attractive savings products and promote the culture of savings amongst their clients. The challenge shall climax in the Financial Literacy Forum.